Critical Care Network of Northern Ireland

A collaborative group of Critical Care Units in Northern Ireland

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CCaNNI has defined clear organisational and managerial structures. Staff delivering critical care are accountable, as before directly to their provider Trust.

The Network provides the framework within which individuals and organisations will co-operate to co-ordinate delivery of critical care services for the region. Operational management of the individual service components will clearly remain with the respective organisations within the network but is essential that timely agreement on network plans, such as standards is secured. This will be achieved through the structure outlined below, which endeavors to deliver a “corporate” regional critical care economy approach. Inherent within this process is the fact that on-going communication about network plans and proposals will be facilitated through each organisation’s network members. Therefore, at the point of approval by the Network Board, there will already be internal awareness of/agreement with such proposals.



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The Network Board will play a key role in ensuring that the objectives of the network are delivered. The Board will consist of executive director level representatives from all providers, commissioner/s and appropriate user representation. 

CCaNNi Board Members


Title Trust
Bernie Owens Director of Clinical Services Belfast HSCT
Margaret O'Hagen Director of Elective & Acute Services Northern HSCT
Geraldine McKay Director of Acute Services Western HSCT
Catherine Coyle Public Health Consultant HSCA

Director of Acute Services Southern HSCT
Brian McFetridge Lead Nurse CCaNNI
McGoran Seamus Director of Hospital Services South-Eastern HSCT
Linda Mulholland Network Manager CCaNNI
C Dripps Lead Clinician CCaNNI



While the network will not have statutory standing, the involvement of executive level officers from participants in the network will facilitate ownership of and secure mutual accountability for the implementation of recommendations of the Network.

There is now one Standing Committee manned by members of the CCaNNI Board who are responsible for the sub committees such as HR, IM&T,  Communication and Senior Nurses, Lead Clinicians, AHP Forum and Policy, Standards & Guidelines respectively.



Chairs of Network Committees

Clinical Standing Committee
Chair: Pending

Sub Committees

Standards & Guidelines
Chair: Mark Reed

Lead Nurses
Chair: Brian McFetridge

AHP Forum
Chair: Jenni Bradley

Medical Leads
Chair: George Gardiner

Information & Technology
Chair: Gerry McCarthy




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